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A familiar face returns...

Ash Harbor has been super busy and adding another detective to the Ash Harbor force is a necessity for sure. Lots going on with the summer and new people moving daily.

      The Captain Darnell knew who to call. He heard that a former Det. of there's was interested in returning. Her name was Kat Reynolds. She was quite but mighty tough. She was not only strong and could take on any man she was beautiful.

A few years back when she was working there Detective Josh Coasts and Detective Reynolds got very cozy and had a short romance. When she left it really crushed Josh. He spiraled after that.Dating who ever. Hooking up with anyone who gave him the slightest affection. When he heard she would return he was very unsure of the whole thing. He knew they needed the other person but he just could not shake the large lump he felt in his stomach.

A couple days later Josh was shooting the breeze with James and Dominic. Dominic was marrying his best friend of 8 years Charice the next morning …