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Oh Baby!

It started about 6 years ago. Trichelle  Robinson was modeling for a agency when they hired on this very tall sexy powerful man named Val Ivanova. Trichelle watched the ladies swoon and ah over him. He had a new flavor of the the day everyday. What is so wonderful about this man she thought. One day they were doing a shoot together. She saw the true side to who he was. Sweet, funny, and super genuine.

   The only thing Trichelle was curious about was why did he feel he needed a different woman in his bed everyday. He had a lot going for him. After the shoot was over the two decided to have dinner and walk around the town a little. Trichelle and Val got very deep into his life. She found out who he was. What kind of person this unique character was behind the glitz and glam. As time went on they got very close and became very good friends. One night while having a little too much to drink the two hooked up. Well, from that time on the two were not a couple but the two would …