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Tia's Unexpected Thursday Night

It was Thursday night and usually Tia and Serifina go an work out then head to Baked with love grab a coffee and something light for a snack. Earlier Serifina called Tia to tell her she had a bad migraine and would not make it so once Tia was done she headed to get a coffee and just relax. Thursday nights at the Coffee shop are not real packed. Tia ordered something different tonight and sat down. It was quite and there were some others in there but the place was pretty dead.

Winston got done doing a run and felt like going to the coffee shop.He was ok after his break up with Melanie. He cared very much for her but he had the suspicion she was not happy and cheating or just not wanting to be with him.

When he walked in to the coffee shop he saw Tia. He felt excited and nervous all in one. She was a beautiful women and older then him as well. He felt a little nervous too because she was friends with Melanie. He never told anyone or even expressed it to Tia but he liked her …