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Meet the residents of Ash Harbor

r Meet Paul Finnick. Paul is 36 born April 21. He is a computer software designer and recently has moved back to Ash Harbor were he grew up. He was a football player and some what your typical jock in high school. Paul moved away after high school and was married for a brief time. Since his divorce 7 years ago he has been single but never has found the right one! Hes back in Ash Harbor and the girl who was a Freshman when he was a Senior who he had feelings for is living here too. Cheyenne Henderson. These two sort of dated in high school but because he was a senior his football coach did not think it would be good for his reputation so these two shortly parted. Now he is back and he wants a second chance.  She is beautiful and he knows she is the one for him. 
Cheyenne Henderson Age 33 Fashion and Blog Consultant Cheyenne grew up in Ash Harbor She graduated and headed out to explore the world. with fashion. She has been all over. She lived in the big easy New Orleans for a while and then…