Josh can't decide Part 2

Josh left from Kat's loft is fast as he strolled in. His heart was racing and his face was flush. He couldn't breath and he felt his world closing in on him. Kat was such a beautiful creature and he always dreamed of what it would feel like to have her in his arms again. To smell her, kiss her and touch her. But now something had changed. His emotions and feelings changed.

Standing there holding his self up against the brick he closed his eyes. He envisioned a beautiful Eden laying on a bed in a white dress. She had those intriguing eyes on him. 

He raised his hand out to touch her even tho his mind was whisked away in a fantasy. His eyes flew open. He walked back to his apartment about 2 blocks over. 

When he got home he grabbed a beer and collapsed on the couch.

 He couldn't take it no more he pulled his phone out. 32 emails which were all work related and 1 voicemail from his mother. Nothing from Eden but he knew she would be gone another day. He opened it to her txt and he…

Josh can't decide.

This episode is rated
R mainly for language and sexual content.

After Josh and Kat have rediscovered there passion for one another he goes back to work. There waiting on Joe to return with more evidence on the case. Its so hard for Josh to keep his mind focused when all he wants to do is take Kat's clothes off in this very room and lay her on his desk and have his way with her.

During there little meeting Josh kept making eyes at Kat. She responded with her coy smile. Dammit I need her and I need her bad. Once everyone was about finished and ready to either head home or into there areas Josh realized Kat telling Joe she was heading home. He was about to leave as well. It was about 5 am. The next crew was coming in. Josh wanted to get her away from him so he could see if she would like to come back to his place.

              Josh- So, *clearing his throat* you up for some company. he smiled 
  Kat- ugh! well, look I am really tired after the night we had and I have had a busy week I am…

A familiar face returns...

Ash Harbor has been super busy and adding another detective to the Ash Harbor force is a necessity for sure. Lots going on with the summer and new people moving daily.

      The Captain Darnell knew who to call. He heard that a former Det. of there's was interested in returning. Her name was Kat Reynolds. She was quite but mighty tough. She was not only strong and could take on any man she was beautiful.

A few years back when she was working there Detective Josh Coasts and Detective Reynolds got very cozy and had a short romance. When she left it really crushed Josh. He spiraled after that.Dating who ever. Hooking up with anyone who gave him the slightest affection. When he heard she would return he was very unsure of the whole thing. He knew they needed the other person but he just could not shake the large lump he felt in his stomach.

A couple days later Josh was shooting the breeze with James and Dominic. Dominic was marrying his best friend of 8 years Charice the next morning …