Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Oh Baby!

          It started about 6 years ago. Trichelle  Robinson was modeling for a agency when they hired on this very tall sexy powerful man named Val Ivanova. Trichelle watched the ladies swoon and ah over him. He had a new flavor of the the day everyday. What is so wonderful about this man she thought. One day they were doing a shoot together. She saw the true side to who he was. Sweet, funny, and super genuine.

   The only thing Trichelle was curious about was why did he feel he needed a different woman in his bed everyday. He had a lot going for him. After the shoot was over the two decided to have dinner and walk around the town a little. Trichelle and Val got very deep into his life. She found out who he was. What kind of person this unique character was behind the glitz and glam. As time went on they got very close and became very good friends. One night while having a little too much to drink the two hooked up. Well, from that time on the two were not a couple but the two would always make there way to each other's bed. As time went on Trichelle didn't want to admit but, she was having feelings for Val. She never really loved someone. The thing she didn't realize is he was feeling the same way. He was falling for her and he wasn't even sure himself.

    The two have been seeing one another now for 4  months straight. They haven't been with anyone else and recently discovered that Trichelle is pregnant. There the only two that know. Trichelle has had the usual morning sickness sometimes all day. She isn't showing yet but the two have a doctor's appointment scheduled. Trichelle is so nervous, The two have now become exclusive but a very unique relationship. Val realized he really wants this to work with her. He is nervous and excited to be a dad.


Val and Trichelle arrive on time to the appointment. They are called to the back and Trichelle can feel her nerves scaring her. Val is looking around and trying to figure it all out. His nerves have the best of him.
The two waited while the nurse got everything together for the doctor. Trichelle focused on Val. He always could take her mind off of anything.
                   Nurse- OK guys your set, Dr Brown will be in the room shortly. Congrats again!!
                                           Trichelle & Val- Thank you!!!

         Val looked at all the pictures on the wall. Trichelle was so nervous she could not concentrate.

                                Val- how is this going to work are they going to make you undress?
                            Trichelle- Well, being as I have never gone thru this I have no clue!

Suddnely there is a knock on the door and the doctor comes in.

                                 Dr. Brown- Hey there! I am Dr. Debra Brown!
                                      Trichelle- Hey I am Trichelle this is Val
                Dr Brown- Well very nice to meet you, so I see you think your around 11 weeks pregnant?
                                 Trichelle- that's about what I am calculating....
Dr . Brown- Ok, well let me get some basics from you and then we will do an ultrasound.
                                                          Trichelle- Ok

Dr. Brown entered the information into the computer.

Dr. Brown- Ok, so Val your the father?
Val- yes mam he said kind of nervous.

Dr. Brown- ok any certain symptoms right now Trichelle?

Trichelle- just some morning sickness. I also have had some headaches but beyond that I am good.

Dr. Brown- that's all to be expected. As long as your following a good diet and getting some exercise thats all we can ask.

Trichelle- I love to do yoga.

Dr. Brown- oh that's a perfect thing to do during pregnancy. Ok, I am going to ask you to lay back here what we will do is just lift your shirt up and do a little scan and see if we can see anything.

Trichelle scooted up and laid back on the table. Val nervous beside her side. Dr. Brown put a gown on her legs and got the jelly out

Dr Brown- Ok, this stuff is cold but lets see what we got going on ( smiling)

As the Dr began moving the wand over Trichelle stomach she got nervous. This was so new and she wasn't sure what she was up against.

Val watched with his eyes real wide. He couldn't believe he was going to be a father. It was a changing time in both of there lives.

Dr. Brown- "Ok, you see right there" she said pointing at the screen. " There is the baby, and a very active little one!" she smiled.

Trichelle was in such amazement that a tear dribbled out of her eye. She turned to Val and she saw his eyes tear up. These two have created another life together. Val puts his hand on her face and he catches the tears streaming down you face.

Dr Brown- Ok, guys looks good and looks like Trichelle your around your 11 week mark! So lets make sure you take those prenatal vitamins and eating right!

Trichelle was speechless and she was so amazed at what she had just witnessed. She was so happy that she was having a hard time even speaking.

Dr Brown- Ok, well i wanna see you back in about 6 weeks and we will see how the little peanut is then and more then likely we may be able to see the gender.

Trichelle- ok, thank you Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown- oh your welcome. Congrats you two!!!!


Val turned to Trichelle he smiled and she smiled back.

Val- Babe, this is incredible. I can't believe that is our baby.

Trichelle- I know I am so filled with joy and I ....I .....

Val- What is it?

Trichelle- I love this little peanut already so much

Val- I couldn't agree more with you. Trichelle I know that our relationship started on a strange note but I am so glad that this is happening and I love you so much...

Trichelle- Val, oh I love you so much too!

The two kissed one another and embraced each other.

Val- well lets go head to the coffee shop I sure could use some coffee.

Trichelle- I want a choclate doughnut and some delicous coffee too.

Val- Trich,

Trichelle- yea

Val- I am so glad your in my life, I am thankful we have one another!

Trichelle- I feel the same way Val! I love you

The two left the doctor's office and headed straight to the coffee shop!!!

Thanks for reading! Keep up with these two and see how it all works out.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Secretly Erica's Episode 2

Later that Evening.........................

Erica had fun with the girls that afternoon enjoying a little snack at the coffee shop. She figured she would drop by her sisters and it would be a nice quite evening with Brooke and Aiden and her sister and husband. A little book reading, maybe a few princess stories in between. She was wearing a pair of lime green shoes! New she bought for herself. A white lacy crop top. And a cute pair of jean shorts. 

When Erica got to the door Brooke met her with a big smile twirling around in her dress and she busted out with " SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

Erica smiled and greeted her sister.

Lindsey- she couldn't keep a secret...

Standing in the living room was Julianna, Valerie, Lindsey's husband and Justin.

Lindsey handed Erica a glass of wine and she said " here i see your going to need this"

Erica took a sip and walked in she smiled and thanked everyone. 

Erica went to talk to Justin- Hey she said

Justin- Happy Birthday Princess!

So the night went on everyone enjoyed some tasty food and laughter. Brooke was playing around and dancing. She always was so entertaining to everyone.

Justin- Nice family you have princess! I see were you get your ideas of  love and happiness 

Erica turned with a little surprise.- Thank you, I think.

His compliment sounded a bit backhanded. 

Erica- I take it your family life was less than perfect.

Justin's face  had a hundred of emotions running past it. 

Justin- My early childhood was great, but it took a turn.

Erica was now very curious. She wanted to know how come his child hood took a turn for the worse.

Erica looked at him deeply- I am sorry Justin.

He touched her hand his dark eyes warming 

Justin- No need to turn your birthday in to a pity party, life now is amazing. 

Brooke came running up she clasped on to his long leg like a bear- You said you would play with my dolls with me!

He picked her up and twitched her nose " I did and i don't break any promises so were are your babies?"

Brooke took him over to the living room sofa where her baby dolls and such were. 

Justin smiled- Excuse us "

Erica watched as Justin and Brooke  were sprawled out on the floor playing. Brooke taught him how to hold a baby and how to feed it. Then Brooke crawled into his lap with one of her favorite books. Justin read it while Brooke cuddled her dolly and sucked on her thumb. 

Erica smiled and had a flush of warmth flow over her. This is the second time she has observed Brooke and Justin. The way he was so nurturing and caring towards her. Everything in Erica screamed at her to reject the idea. She didn't think of him other then a man whore. She then turned around and found the closest glass of wine before anyone caught her staring at Justin. 

Later on after everyone ate and was enjoying each other's company Justin watched as Erica was dancing in the living room with Brooke. She looked amazing in her green high heels. Her cute little jean shorts and a white little top that showed off her flat toned tummy. Her smile she beamed as she spun Brooke around made Justin smile. She was so beautiful and had a loving feeling towards those children. Justin watched a little more as she dipped and swayed. 

Eventually everyone headed out.. Erica stayed and helped tuck in the babies! Great way to end the Birthday evening.

Justin: Bye Princess... Happy Birthday!

Erica: Thanks for coming!!!! 


Erica met Justin to go over some of the techniques for him to use to promote Wade and his business. 

Erica- ok so I think you and Wade getting some pictures on your Facebook page would be a huge help. Let everyone see your handsome faces.

Justin winked and smirked- You think I am handsome?

Erica- you know what I mean silly 

Justin- well, when I am doing the adventure tours I don't always think about snapping a picture. I get so in the zone and I just go with it .

Erica- When your on your next tour take a picture or two. It would make anyone who decides to tour here in Ash Harbor excited to see what is around and available.

Justin leaned in- You going to help me with these pictures?

Erica- Nope haha that is all on you!!!

Justin laughed. Erica looked so beautiful today. The breeze was blowing her hair around and she was making it so difficult on him to pay attention. Her scent was surrounding him in a blanket each time the wind gusts came through. Her crystal blue eyes piercing him each time she blinked. Her lips were so pretty and plump. He wanted to bite on them

Erica- Well I better get going I have to study a lot of stuff for Wade. 

Before she could walk away Justin grabbed her elbow.

Erica- Jus------

And before she could finish speaking he cut her off and slammed his lips against hers. He wanted for so long to kiss her mouth and now that he was doing so he felt like he was in a dream and he didn't wanna wake up from it. Her lips as soft as rose petals. He wanted to run his hands all over her body until he felt her to the core.

She then pushed up against his chest and pushed him away.

Erica- Justin, I can't do this.

Justin- Why not, I mean were two single people. Having a little fun

Erica- I can't do that I mean people will be questioning me like crazy.

Justin watched as she fixed her dress and brushed her hair back.

Justin- princess I think I could help you!

Erica- What, what do you mean?

Justin- well how about I real in your next potential man but, in the mean time we help each other out. No strings attached. Just fun exciting pleasure. I mean you did mention when you were a little tipsy the other night that you hadn't been with someone in a while. 

Erica looked at him a little unsure and embarrassed. 

Erica- I have to go study..

And she began to walk off until he pulled her back into him and he kissed her again.

Justin- go study princess and rest up because I will be over tonight. 

Erica- what is so special about me?

Justin- What the hell isn't. Great legs, great ass great rack! ( Justin wanted to go on but he didn't wanna spoil it all)

Erica looked at him and smiled. Justin winked at her and she felt her knees crumble.

Justin- See you later princess.

Then Erica turned and began to walk back to her car. She could't believe she shared the kiss between him and how electrifying it was. Erica you got to get a hold of yourself she thought. Justin would be there tonight, in her home, in her territory. She was nervous but the butterflies in her stomach made her excited too. She decided to go see her sister before she went home! She needed some help but she didn't wanna tell her sister all the details.


Lindsey- Heyy, what are you doing here in the middle of the afternoon.

Erica- I couldn't come see my favorite sister?

Lindsey looked at her and smirked- I am your only sister. What is up? Spill your guts!

Lindsey knew Erica all to well. When she was nervous or something was racking her brain she had to get it out and she always seem to bring that to her sister. Lindsey was a little older not by much but she always had the best advice and was always not as judgmental. 

Erica- Oh nothing. I just met Justin down at the Park way area. Were trying to get the Facebook page for him and Wade were visitors will be intrigued with Ash Harbor and the nature tours.

Lindsey- Oh nice. He really is a nice guy. I saw the way he looked at you at your party Sunday night.

Erica- How so?

Lindsey- I am not sure but he was intrigued by you..

Erica wanted to tell her so badly she kissed him and that he caressed her with such passion but that would just take it all to another level and she was NOT ready for that.

Lindsey- Maybe you should give him a chance!

Erica- What, no! He... hes ... not about relationships. Anyway I am looking for a husband.

Lindsey- but, that's how those things start. 

Erica took a deep breath- Justin said he could help me with that.

Lindsey's eyes got wide - Oh yea how can he do that?

Erica- well he said that he could help me land my dream man!

Lindsey looked at her with her mouth wide open. She was confused. 

Lindsey- umm.. ok 

Erica- I think that he may be on to  something. He said we could be friends with benefits and that....

Lindsey stopped her- WHAT WAITTTTTTTTTTTTT......

Erica looked at her.

Lindsey- friends with benefits? Oh that won't work. Erica you will be falling in love at the first orgasm. No its not a good idea.

Erica- well its been a while since I have and 

Lindsey- please don't share that with me haha........

Erica- well I mean maybe he could help me.

Lindsey- I don't know. Just don't get hurt Erica.

Erica- I won't. I am a big girl I will be ok.

Lindsey- I know but I worry about you I love you. I don't want your feelings hurt.

Erica smiled- I have to get going I need to drop some papers off at the office and go finish loose ends!

Lindsey- ok, well have a good afternoon! Love ya sis!

Erica headed her way out the door. She was so excited for tonight she rushed to get her afternoon things done so she could come home and clean up before Justin showed up!


Erica worked on getting her place together. She was so excited but also a little nervous because she never had done anything like this. She wanted to be her sexiest but she wasn't sure she was very sexy. She spruced her hair she took another sip of wine and sat on the bed. It was 8:30 he would be there shortly, then suddenly there was a knock at the door. Erica's heart skipped about 10 beats. He was there!

So Erica walked down the stairs to the door. She Had a very sexy outfit on and knew she would flick his trigger right away.

Erica opened the door and Justin came in.

Justin- hello Princess!

Erica smiled- heyy

Justin- this is for you.

He had a red single rose in his hand for her.

Erica- wow thank you! ( she smelled it)  Let me put it in some water.

Justin could hardly swallow. She was in this skimpy black top with black lace underwear. She looked amazing in the light.

Then Erica came back her eyes twinkling her body aching to be touched. Justin then moved in and he darted his eyes from her lips to her eyes. Then he bent in and passionately kissed her. Her lips as soft as they were earlier. He held on to her face. Then he wrapped his arms around her waist. She then pushed away.

Erica- come with me...

Justin followed her to her room. The two kissed one another. He slipped her robe off. Her skin like silk she was trembling.

Justin- you ok princess.

Erica- Yea, please kiss me again.. ( she said closing her eyes and whispering)

Justin picked her up and took her to the bed. Things were moving quickly and he enjoyed every minute of his hands all over her fabulous body. 

The two moved on to the bed. She stripped his shirt off and he slowly removed her top. She was wearing a pair of black panties. He put the blind fold on her eyes that she had on the edge of the bed. The minute he blindfold her she had a instant warmth run thru her veins. She wanted to see more of him but she was very excited to be in a world of darkness as he used her body as a playground. 

Once the blindfold was in place he trailed down her stomach to her sweet core. His hot breath and lips made her quiver with such excitement. She knew were he was heading. When he slipped them off she took in a deep breath. He smirked knowing he was turning her on and getting her worked up. 

His hands were soft but strong and he knew all the right areas on her moaning body. All of a sudden she heard him open the condom pack and within moments she felt him enter her sweet center. She couldn't hold in her pleasure and moaned so loud as the two moved in rhythm. Erica enjoyed him on top of her making her scream with such pleasure.

Then he flipped her over and began moving in sink again. Not long the two were panting real hard and before Erica realized she had a trembling orgasm. Justin was in sync with her and he wanted more. 

The two fall to the bed. Erica takes the blindfold off and gets up slips on her robe and turns to Justin.

Erica- you can get dressed whenever you like. Would you like water?

Justin looked at her a little confused. He motioned her over to come lay with him.

Justin- come here princess don't you wanna cuddle?

Erica- No, I am good and we don't wanna make this more then it is.

Justin was really flabbergasted he sat there for a minute longer. 

Justin- Ok. ( He said)

Before Justin left he looked at Erica he grabbed her face and kissed her enough she would be begging for more...

Justin- Bye Princess, See ya around!

And......... like that he was gone. Erica decided to lay down and get rest being she had a busy day ahead of her tomorrow.


Justin hadn't heard from Erica but he wasn't to worried. He decided to go to dinner with Camille. While out to dinner he realized all he could think about was Erica. So he finished dinner with Camille and jetted right over to Erica's House.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Secretly Erica's

        Its a wonderful day in Ash Harbor. A little chilly this March day but everyone is doing there usual daily routines.Being its a Wednesday afternoon there are not many people in the coffee shop. Erica's niece Brooke is turning 4 today. She asked her Auntie to please dress up as a princess like her and take her to get some doughnuts and hot chocolate at Baked with Love. So she got the prettiest dress in a candy pink with butterflies. Perfect for two princess on the town. Brooke was super excited running around waiting for Aunt Erica to show up.

Once Erica picked her niece up the went straight to Baked with Love! The doughnuts are fresh and the coffee and cocoa is superb! Brooke was so excited to order with her Auntie

                                       Carla- Hey guys what can I get you today!
     Erica- Hey well this is her special day its her birthday and she would love to get her favorite.
                                       Carla- Oh, well Happy Birthday sweet girl, how old are you?
     Brooke- I am 4 and I love to be a princess. My auntie is dressed like a princess today too!
                                       Carla- I see that, well what would you like today princess!
     Brooke- My favorite of course Chocolate Doughnut and a cup of cocoa!
                                        Carla- You got it and would Auntie like anything?
     Erica- Yes, I will take a cup of house coffee and I will do the creamer and sugar!
                                       Carla- ok girls sounds good your total will be $5.50

 * While Erica paid for there goodies Brooke was entertained by a tall dark long haired fellow.  

                                 Justin- Hey there princess!
                        Brooke- ARE YOU PRINCE CHARMING!!!
            *Justin began to laugh he smiled and winked at her* - No I am not but I am whoever you want me to be!
                   Erica turned to see her niece chatting up a familar face. It was Justin Suxton. He is tour guide for Shallow Point. Erica and Justin chatted at Paul and Cheyenne's wedding and bumped into one another the next day. Yes he was cute, ok he was HOT and very sexy. He had long black hair that Erica could see herself putting her hands through while he held on to her with his muscular arms wrapped around her naked body. Oh wait SNAP OUT OF IT ERICA!

                                                           Erica- Hey there!
                   Justin- hey, I see you to are very ready for a princess day!( flashing his sexy smile)
                                 Brooke- Yes its my birfthday!!!! I am four today!
                       Justin- Well happy birthday to such a beautiful princess!
           Erica- Yes in honor of her special day we are dressed like princess!
                          Justin- Hmmm.. ( he smiled and winked at Erica)
                      Erica- Ok , well nice seeing you Justin have a great day!
           Justin- * HE LOOKED AT ERICA AND SMILED* You too princess he said

Erica and Brooke made there way to one of the couches. Erica still couldn't get Justin off her mind. His sexy smile. His scent like a woods but intoxicating scent. Oh Erica knock it off she thought. He is not after anything but a good time. 


Its mid morning and business as usual. Wade and Justin are in the office working on business. Justin is getting the plans ready! He is a local tour guide and also takes people on nature hikes and adventures throughout Ash Harbor.

Justin and Wade are having a conversation about certain events coming up.

Wade- I have an appointment coming in any minute now.

 Before he could finish Justin heard the clanking of heels and he knew it was Erica. She appears in the door way.

Erica- Hey there am I interrupting something?

Wade- No, no come on in 

Erica looked wonderful as usual. A royal blue pencil skirt with this super sexy black and white top. Heels sky high as usual and they were super cute. 

Justin smiled and winked at her. She then pulled out a paper and handed it to Wade. He studied his for a minute. 

Justin- New project we have started Wade?

Wade- No, I am looking to find a summer condo down by the Ocean. I need something to get lost in a bit.

Justin  watched as Erica and Wade talked back and forth. She was so close to him, Touching his arm. Giggling and trying so hard to make him notice her. If Wade didn't have a hard on by  now he was either gay or impotent. Just then Wade excused himself away for a phone call. 

Justin leaned in to Erica- Why do you try so hard?
Erica- I dont know what your talking about!
Justin- Yes you do! Your coming on to him to strong. You will send him running the opposite direction.

Erica scowled and rolled her eyes at him, 

Justin- I know about men and the men like to hunt, not be hunted.

As she was listing to him a piece of her hair fell out from her braid. Justin wanted to twist it around his fingers but he kept his hands down by his side. 

Justin- Do you want to keep Wades attention? Don't be obvious that you like him. Make him come to you! 
Erica- Why do you men play such games!
Justin- there not games! Plus the chase is half the damn fun ( snickering and smirking)
Erica- You must think I am desperate but..... I am not! I don't need your love advice! 

Then suddenly Wade returned.

Wade- Ready to go Erica. 

Erica stiffened up real quick as Wade returned. 

Wade- see ya later Justin

Justin smirked as he watched them walk out the door. Erica was a little more distant. He smiled and chuckled at the sight of that. No telling why that made him happy. He watched as her hips swayed and went side to side.


Erica heads over to Lindsey's house. Of course Brooke is dancing around playing with her animals and looking so cute! She greets her Aunt with a smile and  bow.

Brooke- Auntie I am playing princess with my babies and having so much fun!!!!

Erica- that is so great baby... 

Lindsey and Erica begin to talk about the day.

Lindsey- Soo, busy day? 

Erica- yea but not too bad.

Lindsey- ohh, so who is Prince Charming ( smirking)

Erica- oh, haha I guess Brooke told you about Justin.

Lindsey- Yes, she did. He is dreamy huh?

Erica- well he is very easy on the eyes and good looking but not in my league. Hes about being with women one night and that is it. I want someone to make a life with. I don't want just flirty one night stands.

Lindsey- I know but you should have fun. Enjoy the fun spontaneous of life. You could be like me. Taking care of spit up, throw up and poop diapers all day. 

Erica- yea, well I would enjoy that.

Then suddenly Lindsey hears the truck pull up. Its her husband.

Lindsey- Yay! Pizza is here!

Brooke- YAYA!!! Pizza Pizza!!!


Its Sunday afternoon and Valerie and Julianna who are Erica's best of friends take her to Baked with Love for some snacks and great conversations! Today is Erica's 32 Birthday. 

Julianna- Ok so Cheers to the birthday girl!

Valerie- Cheers!!!

Erica- Thanks guys! You sure make a girl feel special!

Valerie- Now that its your 32nd birthday what do you wish for!

Erica- What I wish for every year! A husband and a wonderful life and a baby.

Julianna- there has to be someone out there for you!

Erica- yea, well I feel not to sure about that!

Valerie- Have you thought of online dating?

Erica looked at her and they all began laughing! 

Suddenly a tall dark handsome man appeared at there table!

Justin- Hey Ladies!!! What are we celebrating here? 

Julianna- Oh its Erica's birthday!!!

Justin bent down and got closer to the birthday girl and whispered in her ear!

Justin- how about a birthday kiss!

Erica put her lips close to him and he was convinced she would give in and then she said!

Erica- Not a chance cowboy!

All the girls giggled and laughed!

Justin- Well ladies I must go! I hope y'all have a great evening. He looked at Erica and smiled ...

Justin walked away and the girls finished there drinks and laughing with each other!

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thanks guys!!!! Have a beautiful day!!!!